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A decision issued by the Seventh Circuit Court of Appeals in Senne v. Vill. of Palatine, 695 F.3d (2012) states that under the provisions of the Driver’s Privacy Protection Act (DPPA) personal identifying information derived from the Department of Motor Vehicles (DMV), is prohibited from disclosure to the public unless one of 14 DPPA exceptions apply. The DPPA preempts any conflicting state law that regulates the dissemination of motor vehicle record information.

In order to comply with the Federal Driver’s Privacy Protection Act, the Theresa Police Department must remove all personal information that identifies an individual including the following data elements before copies of such reports may be provided to the public without the written consent of the persons named therein; 

  1. Names

  2. Dates of Birth

  3. Address (except 5-digit zip codes)

  4. Phone Numbers (cell and land lines)

  5. Photographs

  6. Social Security Numbers

  7. Medical or Disability Information

  8. Driver’s License and DOT ID card numbers and physical descriptors

The Theresa Police Department wants you to be aware that your copy of a requested report may contain significant redactions in order to comply with the Federal Law. Civil and criminal penalties will apply to any person who disseminates legally protected personal data without a permissible use as stated in the Federal Law. Falsifying any form may result in Federal and/or State civil and/or criminal penalties.

Open record requests are subject to all applicable fees.

Report or Accident Report (8 pages or less):  $2.00

*Over 8 pages $0.25 per page

Audio or Photo CD recording: $5.00

Video CD: $10.00

Postage subject to current USPS fees and pricing.

**At this time body camera and video files can not be provided via email.**

Open Record Request

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